LANGUAGE COACH, former TOEFL Instructor, CELTA Certified with a Masters in Management from ESCP Europe - Paris, France with background in banking, headhunting & consulting.

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Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Profile check f8e025f884f10b43f5564e6aac87748f5985b7559b12d436776a7389dc3c1067
Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)
Profile check f8e025f884f10b43f5564e6aac87748f5985b7559b12d436776a7389dc3c1067
Business/Accounting degree (MBA, DBA, etc.)

Have you seen that part in the movie Kill Bill Vol.2 when the character of Uma Thurman goes to learn from a legendary martial arts master and then becomes an expert martial artist?

Most people think that they will transform just like that in terms of learning English but only a few of them are willing to follow the instructions given to them with the same dedication. Most times their bad habits get in the way, other times ego and sometimes more complex issues such as age and position make it difficult to learn and improve fast. But above all, lack of a structured learning program and a competent and experienced teacher are the reasons why students are not able to achieve such a transformation.

I offer “B1 to C2 Improvement Program” which, honestly speaking, is not for everyone. This program has been tailor-made only for Polish Students and it is not only highly demanding but also highly rewarding.

You cannot improve your language skills unless you start changing. And when you get into this program, your learning habits change and then you yourself create a snowball effect of positive change.

However, there is a filtering process before you begin the lessons. Hence you have to have a first meeting before beginning the course. In the first meeting we discuss in detail what has been holding you down all those years and what kind of module out of the following might be the best option for you.

This first meeting of 60 mins with me, is for FREE !

After having the first meeting with me, you should take some time to think over how badly you want to improve. Because if you don’t feel the urgent need to improve your English language skills…this program is not for you.

Depending on your individual needs I will offer you or you can choose, only ONE out of the following modules:

Regular Track Program
(a steady but gradual progress) - 120 pln / 60 mins

Fast Track Program - 46 lessons
(an intensive life changing experience) - 120 pln / 60 mins

Grammar Power - 20 lessons
(an end to all the confusion and fear) - 150 pln / 55 mins

Speaking Marathon - 30 lessons
(Speak, Speak, Speak - on 30 refreshing useful topics) - 150 pln / 55 mins

The entire program focusses on Business English .
All Grammar modules are based on Standard British Grammar.

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