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Hi, I'm Wayne :) I moved to Warsaw in 2013 and since then I've helped hundreds of people improve their level of English. To achieve this, I listen to any problems you have using English. Then I listen to what your goals are. Using my knowledge and experience of language and communication I show you how to achieve those goals. My lessons are based on speaking and listening. The things you can't practice from a book. We do this in a comfortable environment where mistakes can be made and corrected without any stress. My lessons are not the same for each student. I adapt each lesson to match the level and targets of my students. If you need to talk about your job then we can focus on that. If you want to feel comfortable talking about other topics, then we can focus on that. It depends on you. Also, my lessons work for EVERY level of English. I come from Sussex in the south of England so my accent is easy to understand. My main interest is writing music. I have a band and we play some shows in Warsaw and around Poland. I spent 6 months travelling around Europe in 2013. I also enjoy cooking, business, philosophy, history and sometimes learning Polish ;) I usually teach at my apartment close to Metro Wileński or in the city centre close to Metro Świętokrzyska. If you would like to try the first lesson, please send me a message. If you would prefer to speak over the phone, send a SMS with your details and I'll call you back. Please include details about your preferred location and which days/times you would like to learn English with me. I'll check my schedule and then offer you a slot :) I'm also available for proofreading texts. Please contact me for prices. All the best, Wayne

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