About me: I am a native English speaker and I come from Kenya. I was born and raised in the city of Nairobi which is the capital of my country. In Kenya English is one of our two official languages while Swahili is the other one. I am fond of teaching people English despite their age and encouraging them in their ambition to become a better English speaker. At my job I remain a keen teacher always doing my utmost to bring out the best in me, which I believe is a crucial element in bringing out the best of my students. PRICES;The price for adults: 50 zl for 60 mins (at my place)The price for adults: 70 zl for 90 mins (at my place)The price for adults: 70 zl for 60 mins (at the student's place)The price for adults: 90 zl for 90 mins (at the student's place)

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