*1st LESSON IS HALF PRICE!!* • Pronunciation Coaching •Speaking Confidence •Vocabulary building •Business English •Grammar strengthening + much more! COURSES AVAILABLE!

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Learning English should be a fun and enjoyable experience! If you're afraid to speak, I promise to help you break that barrier.

Together we can learn, practice and build confidence in all areas of the English language. I am a professional and friendly tutor with 3 years experience. I have supported and guided many students on their English learning journey, with confidence, pronunciation, grammar; anything they needed, I helped them to improve their skills.

As a native speaker I guarantee an authentic learning experience, with an genuine British accent and full knowledge of the difficult parts of English, such as slang and contemporary phrases as well as business English and media.

I provide a flexible and varied approach, where different learning materials are used, such as textbooks, videos, articles, slideshows or whatever you would like to use or talk about! We can talk about your interests and hobbies, your week, favourite books, or the weather… Anything you like!

As your tutor, I would like to encourage the comfortable atmosphere of two friends meeting up but with the bonus of improving and strengthening your English in a relaxed and professional manner.

Please do get in contact and we can have an introductory session to get to know each other and outline what areas you would like to work on.

Guide to starting rates for classes:

At my flat (central Warsaw) and Skype sessions:

- 1 hour at non-peak times (08:00 -18:00) – 70pln

At home or in-company lessons or peak time (before 0800) and weekends:

- 1 hour – 100pln

Proofreading guideline prices:

40-70 PLN per page. (depending on time frame and structure)

Websites and large texts quote will be based on inspection of documents.

These rates can be flexible and may be discussed before our lessons.

If you book in advance and pay for a block, please read:

DISCOUNTS/REFUNDS -In the case of a cancellation by me, I will always honour the cancelled lesson. If a lesson is cancelled by the student with less than 24 hours notice, the lesson will be forfeit. Resignation by a student from our lessons before the end of a booked period will result in a maximum of half of the amount outstanding refunded. It is the student's choice to end cooperation before we have completed a paid block. Refunds will not be issued in their entirety and only at my discretion. In the event that a refund is given please allow a 14 day period from our last lesson to be refunded. If you do not finish your lessons within a six-month period unless agreed, your remaining lessons will become void.

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